The darkness is never really gone. Sometimes it leaves for a few hours or maybe even a full day. I sometimes find relief for longer periods. However, dealing with mental illness, the darkness is always lurking. Yet, armed with a survival kit and network of loving humans, I am able to find joy in my every day life.

Hello there,

My blog (and zine) deal with issues of addiction, recovery and mental illness…and self-care and healing from these afflictions.

This past year, I earned a certificate in Nutritional Therapy and am currently studying Primary Group Fitness. Working out and nutritional support are some of the tools I use to exorcise my daily demons. I would like to help others do the same.

For my day job, I keep trying to fight the good fight, saving the world-one miscreant at a time.

Interests: herbal healing, reading books, lifting weights, witchy stuff, travel, community gardening, social justice and Billie, my Black Mouth Cur.

billie & I

Jenna and Billie Holiday

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